Parish Council Contacts

Despite being small villages, Stoke Orchard and Tredington has a very active and committed set of Parish Councillors working for the community on a largely voluntary basis. Not only are we working on behalf of the interests of the villages, but we also try to act in a way that encourages people to get involved and help improve our surroundings at the same time.

We are governed by certain practices in law, and also have to comply with so called “Standing Orders” which define our code of conduct, how meetings are to be organised and so on.

We really do value people getting in touch so please feel free to contact any of the members below

Mrs Jules Owen (Parish Clerk) – 07763 250303 – or to email Cathy, please click here

Cllr Richard Chatham (Chairman) – 01684 292532 – or to email Richard, please click here

Cllr Andrew Troughton – 07763 250303 – or to email Andrew, please click here

Cllr James Gilder – 07763 250303 – or to email James, please click here

Cllr Adam Busby – 07763 250303 – or to email Adam please click here

Cllr Lisa Holmes – 07917875379 – or to email Lisa please click here

Borough Cllr Mrs Melanie Gore – 07970 429832 or to email Melanie, please ckick here

Cllr Robert Bird – 07711269096 or to email Rob, please click here 

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