Parish Council

We have a really simple set of objectives – “Helping to improve the quality of life for the Parish”

We perform our function primarily though our elected or co-opted councillors. The Stoke Orchard Parish Council is made up of members, which includes a Chairman and a Clerk.  The Councillors are all volunteers who all have an interest in improving the quality of life for all residents of the Parish.

The councillors do not act in a politically motivated way (they are not allowed to by law) and are trained and subject to a very tightly enforced code of practise.

Every Parish Council is required to adopt a Code of Conduct that sets out rules governing the behaviour of it’s members.  The Code of Conduct covers areas of individual behaviour such as members not abusing their position or not misusing their authority’s resources.

The Clerk to the Council is a (part time) paid employee and conducts all parish work from home.

All other councillors are located in the villages or very close by, ensuring that the most vital ingredient – local contact – is well served.  The experience and depth of appreciation of village interests is, (we feel) unsurpassed but bec aware that we have to act in the interests of the entire parish and not for temporary or other external factors.

The Parish Council has the power to comment in detail on planning applications within the Parish and for its comments to be taken into account by the Planning Authority.

We feel we are very approachable and in the contacts page in this section we have published details on how to get hold of us.

We meet for parish council meetings on the first Tuesday of the month at the Stoke Orchard Community Centre (alternate monthly meetings are purely planning meetings) and we really do mean, “ALL ARE WELCOME”.   At the beginning of the meeting members of the public are welcome to ask questions/to make comments.  If the subject of their question/comment is not on the agenda for the current meeting it will be added to the agenda for the following meeting.

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