Many residents will now be aware of the up and coming application of the intended EcoTricity Anaerobic Digestion plant to be designated in Fiddington. We as a surrounding Parish have the […]

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    please feel free to register and start a discussion!

  • As you may know, there is currently consideration to building another 45 properties on the greenfield site near the entrance of Banady Lane in Stoke Orchard. 

    If you wish to see the planning documents, please […]

  • Our new website is very community based.

    you can check in on the COMMUNITY TALK and discuss anything…. with anybody (who is registered) this way the community can get involved and discuss matters that may pop […]

  • Youth Club in Stoke Orchard and Tredington                   
    We had a good response to the meeting at the beginning of September so watch this space for further updates.
    In the meantime, if you wish to volunt […]

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